The Broken Key


The new movie by Louis Nero

with Christopher Lambert, Rutger Hauer, Geraldine Chaplin, Michael Madsen, William Baldwin, Franco Nero, Kabir Bedi, Maria De Medeiros, Marc Fiorini, Andrea Cocco, Diana Dell’Erba, Marco Deambrogio, Walter Lippa

production L’Altrofilm and TFP

In a near future, due to the effects of an uncompromising law on the eco-sustainability of supports, paper has become a rare item, a luxury possession. Printing is now a crime.

Libraries have turned into inaccessible museums. Everything is floating, in a stream of data running in the ether, reaching every tablets and smartphones thanks to a fast net created and universally controlled by the “Big Z”: Zimurgh Corporation.

On the background of this realistic vision of the future, our sci-fiction/thriller movie is developing, in the suggestion created by a future vision of Turin, still a fascinating, esoteric and mysterious town. A series of murders followed by many clues will lead the protagonist, a British scholar of ancient Italian origins – new Adam and revived Arthur King – to walk on the path traced, so many centuries before, by Dante Alighieri and by the painter Hieronymus Bosch.

The brave Arthur J. Adams will discover that the motive of the murders is the unstoppable will to…